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World Environment Day – 2017 : Documenting Change

Six Maldivians representing  fisheries, education and media sectors underwent training at the Bay of Bengal Programme Inter-Governmental Organisation (BOBP-IGO) during February – March 2017. Arunmani Palani, Chennai-based Director of Photography; Em Shivanath, Cinemaotgrapher and S Jayaraj, BOBP-IGO’s Publication Officer mentored the trainees.  One of the significant outcomes of the training was a trilogy of short documentaries presenting the changing fisheries environment in Devaneri- Mahabalipuram coastline of Tamil Nadu.  Today, on the occasion of World Environment day, BOBP-IGO is pleased to showcase the three documentaries, which are briefly described below:  


Catamaran aka The Boat: Ahmed Fazeel & Adam Manik follow the poignant transition of a log-catamaran to a fibre-reinforced plastic boat, operated with outboard motor.

Coastal Ecosystem: Sharing Nature Together: Coastal areas provide many livelihood opportunities, including fisheries and recreation. Abdulla Shakir Mohamed & Mohamed Nadheem suggest sharing the natural capital together and symbiotically.

Fishing- The Community Perspective: In the settings of Devaneri village, Ahmed Mauroof & Mohamed Adam capture the life and livelihoods of Kandan, a typical fisherman.