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BOBP-IGO Celebrates International Women’s Day

March 08, 2017, when the world observes International Women’s Day, the Bay of Bengal Programme Inter-Governmental Organisation (BOBP-IGO) is also celebrating the existence of all the wonderful women and wishing them a ‘Happy Women’s Day’.

The role of women in fisheries sector is laudable. Not only as strong home makers, but also as powerful players in the value chain – processing and marketing. Almost half of the 120 million people who work in the fisheries industry are women. Though participation of women in fish harvesting is minimal, they perform key roles in small-scale processing, retail vending, collecting and trading of shells, small-scale aquaculture like fattening of crabs and seaweed farming. The list is unending.

BOBP-IGO believes in gender equality and strengthening women’s roles in different livelihoods. On this Women’s day, we encourage and support them to realise their inner strength and pursue their goals.